Get a free dog insurance quote for your furry friend in just a few minutes. Fill up the simple form below and get your quote right away. Provide your dog’s age, breed, any preexisting medical conditions, the desired coverage and select a deductible – that’t all it takes. There is no obligation to make a purchase today and the quote is always 100% free. Quotes provided for all 50 USA states and Canada.

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Don’t get stuck with a huge vet bill that you need to pay all by yourself! Select from these great plans with a low monthly premiums and deductibles. A serious condition can set you back thousands – with the proper insurance you will pay a fraction of the medical bill from your veterinarian. Accepting all major debit and credit cards, PayPal, checks and money orders.

Get your absolutely free dog insurance quote today! Don’t wait or delay until it’s too late, get the ultimate peace of mind and security with an affordable insurance plan.

Why buy insurance for your dog?

Let’s face it – medical prices for humans and pets are always rising! This is sad but true and there is little we can do about it. The best way to protect yourself from unexpected expenses is thru insurance. Luckily there are many options when it comes to insuring your furry friends.  There are multiple companies available on the market who provide this type of insurance. Here we post some of the best of them and all you need to do is submit a few simple thing like your dog’s age, sex, breed and previous medical history and your free insurance quote will be ready in seconds. Most companies do have restrictions when it come to dogs with medical issues but some don’t, look at the chat above who they are and get a quote from them.

How is this whole “dog insurance” thing work?

It might sound complicated at first but here is the breakdown. Once you get your quote you can go ahead and buy an insurance plan to your liking and budget. Pay your premium as requested. In the unfortunate event that your precious doggie gets sick or injured this is what most companies will want you to do:

  • Go to your vet as usual and get your dog treated for whatever problems he/she has
  • Pay the bill
  • Once you have the vet bill – call or email the insurance company all the info they need from it. This is basically making a claim, to put it in the necessary terms
  • They will review and make a decision on your claim. Depending on the insurance company this might take a day or as long as few weeks.
  • If your claim is approved you will get reimbursed according to the insurance plan you selected. This can be a payment in full of the vet bill or partial – again this depends of the coverage you have for your dog.
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This is pretty much it! Buying quality dog insurance at affordable price have never been easier! Get your free insurance quote now and see what plans are available in your area.