Hi guys,

Mindy here, welcome to my little “dog insurance” website! Buying insurance for your furry friends is probably the best gift you can possibly get them! Congratulations on being a responsible dog-parent!

I’ll be posting a list of available dog insurance companies below but first please let me tell you how dog insurance works in case you don’t know:

  • The rate per month is strictly tided up to your doggie’s age- the older they are – the more it is
  • There is a waiting period from the time you buy the insurance to the day you can actually use it
  • If, God forbid, your dog has a preexisting condition your rate will be substantially higher, like doubled or tripped !
  • Even if you buy the best plan there will be a deductible
  • When your dog gets sick you pay the vet out of pocket and then fill up forms and wait to be reimbursed. This can take weeks and even months.

So having these things in mind let me tell you about a great and very cheap way to cut on your vet’s bills – PetAssure. This is not insurance per se and it will not replace one by any means! The reason I’m mentioning it here is because it is a wonderful way on saving some money on those veterinarian bills. Plus it’s super affordable at just $8.25 a month for 1 dog or $12.42 for up to 4 dogs, covers all dogs (from puppies to “senior citizens”), having pre-existing conditions is accepted and the savings are instant – no waiting for the reimbursement checks to come!

Here’s in brief what you” get with  PetAssure:

  • Save 25% on everything done in-house. Yes, 25% doesn’t sound like much but if your doggie gets a $500 procedure you’ll get $100 off!
  • 100% Risk – free! Cancel within 45 days and get all of your money back, no questions asked
  • No waiting period – the second you buy one of their plans you are in!
  • Pre-existing, congenital and chronic conditions – no problem! Elder dogs – no problem either!
  • No deductibles and no co-pays
  • No paperwork, no forms to fill up and no waiting for the check from the insurance company to come – with Pet Assure the savings are instant!
  • No exclusions – every in-house medical condition is covered! Surgical Procedures, Allergy Treatments, Diabetes Management, Cancer care, Dental procedures, Wellness Visits, routine care and vaccines,  hospitalization and more – all covered instantly the moment you join! You don’t believe me and think there is a ton of fine print where they’ll list a bunch of things that are not covered – well here’s exactly what is not : You cannot combine the discount with other discounts and service packages, and there is no discount on non-medical services such as routine grooming and boarding, outsourced services such as blood work sent to a lab or an outside specialist, mileage fees and products taken home such as medications and food. However, you will get an additional 15% discount off PetCareRx’s already low prices on all ‎products, including pet food, prescriptions, flea & heart-worm preventatives, and more.
  • Super quick and easy to join. It takes under 3 minutes to sign up and you get your PetAssure ID card right away!
  • Did I say it’s just $8.25 a month and comes with a full 45 days money back?:)


Dog insurance plans

Again – PetAssure is not a dog insurance, it’s a veterinary discount plan! It’s great way to save on your vet’s bills and can be used in parallel with an insurance and help with the co-pays and deductibles!

dog insurance quotes

And here’s the promised list of available dog insurance companies. It’s  a smart idea to shop around and get quotes from as many of them as you can, the prices do vary from states to state and from bread to bread.

  • PetPlan
  • EmbracePet
  • PetInsurance
  • PetsBest
  • HealthyPaws
  • Trupanion

Thank you for visiting my website and I’m sure your furry baby with be thankful when you buy him or her insurance:) Better safe than sorry, right. Get them covered and hope you’ll never have to use it!

Happy and healthy 2018!

The list with available insurance companies doesn’t cover every available option out there, just the ones I’ve found on Bing. The mentioned rates for Pet assure are per month on their yearly plans. Some of the links posted here are affiliated.